(Annual Percentage Rate) 






New 2015, 2014 & 2013

(includes motorcycles)


Starting at 1.49%*


Used (2013-2008)

(includes motorcycles)


Starting at 2.99%*




Starting at 3.99%*





All rates subject to change without notice



 *Rates are based on credit score



(Must finance over $18,000 for 72 month term)



 Click here to check the NADA Guide site for vehicle pricing and information.












Maximum loan balance $10,000.00








Grade "A" (680+) Credit - 60 Months


As low as 8.75%


Grade "B" (640-679) Credit - 60 Months


As low as 9.75%


Grade "C" (600-639) Credit - 60 Months


As low as 10.90%


Grade "D" (550-599)Credit - 48 Months


As low as 13.90%


Grade "E" (549-) Credit - 48 Months


As low as 18.00%














Grade “A” Credit (680+)


As low as 8.75%


Grade “B” Credit (640-679)


As low as 9.75%














Share secured






above rate of share or share certificate being pledged










No application fee (Closing  costs apply: appraisal $275, title exam $58, payoff processing fee-other institution $30, loan cancellation fee $30 and recording fee $91.  All fees are approximate.)






80% of appraised value - rates not based on credit score




$10,000 minimum




Member pays all costs




Fixed rates (not based on credit score)




Up to 5 years


No more than 1.5% over APOR


Call for additional rates and terms












80% of appraised value




Member pays all costs




Adjustable rate based on the prime lending rate




Rate adjusted twice a year
















*Rates are based on credit score








All Rates Subject To Change Without Notice





¨ All loans subject to credit approval

¨ Rates subject to change without notice

¨ Other conditions may apply

¨ Annual Percentage Rate, terms of loan, and loan to value are all subject to applicant(s) credit worthiness.

¨ There are no prepaid finance charges

¨ Application fee of $100.00 for mortgages and $5.00 for all others applies.

¨ A late payment fee of 5% of the payment amount applies to any payment more than 15 days past the due date


New Vehicles as low as 1.49%, 60 mos, payment per $1000 is $17.31 per month

Used Vehicles as low as 2.99%, 60 mos, payment per $1000 is $17.96 per month

ATV/UTV as low as 3.99%, 60 mos, payment per $1000 is $18.35 per month

Personal as low as 8.75%, 60 mos, payment per $1000 is $20.63 per month



                 Applying for a loan at FJFCU couldn't be easier.  Use the following application when applying for a personal, vehicle, or full share pledge loan.  To apply for a home equity or mortgage loan, please contact one of our offices directly.  There is an application fee of $5, which can be deducted directly from your share or share draft account.  To use the following application to apply, simply print and complete a copy.  It can then be faxed to (814) 262-0709, taken directly or mailed to one of our offices at the following addresses:


                                                    Richland Office                       Johnstown Office

                                                    310 Bloomfield St.                  544 Vine St.

                                                    Johnstown, PA 15904          Johnstown, PA 15901

                                                    (814) 262-9117                       (814) 539-5697

                                                    Fax: (814) 262-0709             Fax: (814) 535-4207


   Please click this link to download the Loan Application.


Instructions for completing the application



Don't worry, most people do not. A Fair, Isaac Credit Bureau Score is a number listed on your credit report that determines how likely you, as a borrower, can pay back a loan. The score is based on data available in your credit report. Scores range from 300 to 850. The higher your score, the better your credit quality is considered to be. The score measures the degree of risk a potential borrower represents to the lender. As your credit report changes, so does your score.


Your Credit Union considers your credit score as a main component of determining your loan request. Your annual percentage rate will be categorized according to your credit score. If you cannot qualify for a specific loan product due to a low score, we may be able to consider you for other products. We group credit scores into five categories as follows:


Grade              Credit Score
A                        680 and above
B                        640-679
C                       600-639
D                       550-599
E                        549 and below


If you are curious about your score and would like to know how you rate, you can make a request through Fair Isaac and Equifax on their web sites. There is a nominal fee for this service. They can be found on the web at or

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